35 Years Ago

Mr. Arvinder Singh started with the vision to revolutionise the corrugation in these niche markets and since then never looked back. Starting as a simple trader of corrugated boxes, he went on to become a well-known entrepreneur for his expertise and creativity. His packaging designs are unparalleled, at competitive prices.

Year Zero - 1984

Mr. Arvinder Singh first established himself in the corrugation industry. Year 1988, saw the foundation of K. S. Enterprises. In early 1990s, we became the first corrugator to develop printed packaging for wooden furniture exported abroad and has maintained the tradition of being the leader in corrugation industry for wooden furniture exporters.

Automation - 2015

K. S. Enterprises undertook the task of complete overhaul of its machinery to move towards automation. We established the biggest corrugation plant the whole of North India has seen till date. With key salient features and uncompromised quality, this plant has revolutionised the concept of automatic plant produced corrugated boxes.

Tailored Packaging

Our aim is to provide packaging your product needs,be it knocked down items, automobile parts, single piece furniture, electric components, with a gazillion forms, our team is dedicated to bring you the packaging that fits your product like a tailored comfort suit that shields it from all toughs & lows. Our customers are the testimony of our quality.


We offer a variety of custom corrugated box styles. We can customize any of the following types of boxes to fit your specific needs,
product, or application. And just like a conventional box, our custom boxes can be printed or labeled using a variety of printing methods.

Inner /Printed Inner Carton

This makes the first layer of packaging for your product. Think of it like a tailored suit for yourself. The box is tailored to specification that wraps your product in a cocoon of safety.

Master Carton / Shipper

Master carton or the shipper that packages all your inner cartons and products in one big box, making it easier for identification and transportation, a must for all exporters.

PDQ Display

A PDQ display is a point-of-sale tray, bin or rack that is lightweight and easy to install in retail stores. They are usually made of cardboard and placed at checkout counters or used as floor displays in high-traffic aisles.

Corrugated POSM

POSM is the advertising materials that are used to communicate brand information to the consumers at the POP/POS and is part of the marketing campaign and includes Posters, Dummy Pack, Shelf Branding / Talker, Leaflets Dispenser.

Die Cut Fittings

If you are looking for complex designs, unusual shapes and styles such as cases, cartons and fittings, then die cut packaging is your solution. They are a perfect fit for furniture products.


Angleboard cardboard pallet edge protectors & guards improve stability, stacking strength, corner protection & can be sized to fit any load or container.

Corrugated Pallets

Corrugated pallets are a lightweight but highly durable alternative to wooden pallets, and can reduce your shipping costs and carbon emissions. They are a solution to international export restrictions on the use of wooden pallets.

Foam Corner Protectors

Custom foam corners can be quickly designed and produced to protect products that are high in value, fragile, heavy or susceptible to shock and corner damage in shipment.

CEO ksenterprisesindia

It's time we break the theory of taking too much and giving back too little.
We strive forward as the key packaging solutions partner, taking care of your buisness and your product like our very own. We nurture long-lasting ties.

- Arvinder Singh, Managing Director


In addition to the particular needs of our consumers, we understand your cost restraints, specific product characteristics, logistical needs, and consumer needs when designing a variety of corrugated box styles.


With state of art technology & one of its kind in the whole of North India, we are proud to say that
our plant is the biggest & most advanced than any.


  • Introducing multicolour printing machinery

    Now bring your packing to life with vibrant high quality colour printing as opposed to two colour printing!

  • Increased capacity

    Our fourth operational unit will be commencing from April 2020


  • Fully automated - For 3ply, 5ply and 7ply

  • In house testing facility for burst factor, bursting strength, RCT, ECT & COBB TEST

  • Specialisation in boxes upto 20 feet in length & 81 inches in breadth

  • Bursting strength from 150 psi upto 600 psi (pound per sq inch)

  • Pre-dried sheets, hence, no later shrinkage and size changes

  • Capacity to print large designs, upto 3 meters uninterrupted

  • Printing in double colour as opposed to single colour

  • Flexibility in sheet specifications to suit your needs

  • Fastest production time ever

  • Eco-friendly processes

You are welcome to visit us and see the plant any day.





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